A stream of students flocked through the Exhibition on their way to Marc Garneau CI’s Masquerade Ball Prom on Friday, 30 May 2014. The event was held in the Centennial Room of the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex, from 6 pm to 12.

The event began smoothly. Although students had to stop at the door for a breathalyser test and bag check; the entrance process was quite efficient.

“It took less time than I expected,” commented Joyce Cheng.

The evening began with a cocktail hour where students had the opportunity to use a photo booth and to have their picture taken by a professional photographer. Drinks were unlimited, and continued to be served throughout the evening. Cocktail hour was followed by dinner, during which awards were announced and a slideshow of student-submitted pictures was played. Following dinner, students were able to continue having their pictures taken in the photo booth and by the photographer, as well as dance.

Many grade 12 students were feeling nostalgic seeing their photos displayed. “The slideshow was so nice. I think there was a sense of unity there for the Grade 12s. It just made me realize that I really did enjoy spending my four years with these people,” commented Barkhaa Talat.

The awards were well received. “I had no idea I was going to win. As soon as the countdown began for the announcement and I heard my name. I was quite surprised. I’d like to thank everyone who gave me their vote; it really does make me feel special,” said prom king Musa Al-Noor.

Students generally enjoyed the food, although one student complained that the fact that drinks were unlimited was not announced. “The meal and dessert served were definitely quite tasteful and enjoyable. A huge shout-out to the chefs, and of course the amazing bartenders for serving,” said Musa Al-Noor.

The students found the photographer patient and cooperative, however some students wished that he let them see their photos before they were printed. The photo booth was also extremely popular, which caused long wait times for students in line to use it.

Overall, students expressed their approval of prom, with many students staying until the end of the night.