Executives of the Positive Solutions Club with the teacher-advisor. Garneau’s official psychology club meets Mondays in room 221.

If any entity did justice to the word complex, it would have to be the human mind. It is safe to say everyone has wondered at one point or another, “Why did he/she behave in that way?” or “Why does the mind work the way it does?”. These questions happen to be the founding tenants of psychology, the science of the mind. If someone is interested in the world of psychology, the Marc Garneau positive solution club is an excellent starting point.

Held in room 212 at lunch, every Monday, the positive solution club is the official psychology club of Marc Garneau.  The club allows students to explorer the broad field of psychology and interact with other members to discuss their ideas. The club is the first of its kind at Garneau and is fairly open ended as far as topics that are discussed, under the umbrella of psychology.

When asked about the purpose of the club, the executives said “[They] would like members to apply what they learn to everyday life. With a better understanding of the human psyche, [They] believe that everyone can learn to become more aware and empathetic. [They] also believe that with an altered way of seeing things, a more positive solution can be found for our problems.”

The club is not bound to any particular schedule, rather, it is based on the interest of the students and topics are up to the member’s discretion.  Based on interests, topics are discussed and related activities are created in which students can take part in.

“We don’t have an ironclad schedule, and since our club is for the students, we base each meeting on what they may want to learn. We have topics planned, and activities that everyone can participate in. Some weeks we even have a theme. For next week, our meeting will center on emotions” Said the executive team.

All information discussed in the club is referenced from dependable sources and is also authenticated with the support of the teacher of Marc Garneau’s Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology (IAPS). In addition to learning about psychology, members are awarded with volunteering hours if they discuss a topic of their own liking in front of the club.

“New members are always welcome! We encourage grade nine and ten students to join us for either Garneau Gold or volunteer hours. Those who are interested in psychology or just want to chill with friends in a quiet area are encouraged to join as well.” said the executive team.

The clubs executives can be reached for inquires or suggestions at [email protected].