The first round of MGCI’s flag football intramural playoffs began during the lunch period on Wednesday, 7 October.

Two teams won the first round of playoffs: Godfathers and EEEEE. The tournament included twelve teams, with six to seven players per team. The four highest-scoring teams in the pre-playoffs each received a bypass and were not required to compete in the first round of the playoffs.  If weather is agreeable, and no other unforeseen circumstances arise, the finals for the tournament will take place on Thursday, 16 October.

“The purpose of this event is to get kids [more involved in] physical activity,” said Mr. Hillman. “It’s also great for people who want to play football in a sort of league style.”

The committee that organized the flag football intramural was headed by MGCI’s Athletic Convener, Hajra Arif. She said, “We are more prepared this year. Last year, the Athletic Convener carried most of the burden herself. ” She stated that the council was very active on social media. “We could’ve made more announcements, though.” Arif added.

The most promising teams before the playoffs, according to Arif, were Dig Big and Chodus. They are both teams composed of grade 12 students. Sohaib Talat, the captain of Dig Big, said that his team had no general strategy. “We play football after school for fun.” He added, “It would be good to win… [the team] is in grade 12, it’s our final year.”