Image: Ayman Kazi


Sometimes, I feel like I have HAVE to put pen to paper. My body itches to say something that exists only in my mind. It’s like words are bubbling out of me, out of control.

I feel overwhelmed, my handwriting reflecting the state of my mind.

My hands struggle to KEEP UP with my mind and my mind struggles to SLOW DOWN for my hands. In a way, it is frustrating. But in every other way, it is liberating.

In these moments, I NEED to write. It doesn’t matter that my hands are cramped, my handwriting illegible, and my spelling wrong words incoherent. All I know is that the words in my head are reaching their boiling point, threatening to spill over.

And this… this is obviously one of those moments. To be completely honest, even I don’t know how this started or how it ends. At least not at this moment. I am simply too busy keeping my mind going, feeding words to my thoughts as I try to understand what I think.

I feel desperate to get this on paper. If I don’t, these words will be lost. Forever.  I CAN’T have that. I can’t have my thoughts disappearing, fading into nothingness.

Pen to Paper. These 3 words are euphoric to me. On-par with “I love you.”

Writing can feel like a miracle. In allowing ink to mark the pages, there is a sort of magic—an ancient art preserved in the pages through the ages. Knowing that, it feels like a crime to not write.

Warrior. “The pen is mightier than the sword” has never made more sense. Because a sword can’t bring us peace. A sword can’t convert millions into followers. A sword can’t create, only destroy. A sword can’t outlive us and serve as our legacy.

Artist. Language, with its thousands of variations and ever-changing nature, is one of the greatest art forms. As absurd as it may sound, writers are artists. Just like artists have brushes, writers have pens. And just like any other artist, we prefer some colors and pens over others. Some pens make that make us want to write. Like the one I am holding right now makes me.

Magician. Someone who can make something from nothing. A writer does the same and more. A writer can create life and build worlds. A writer can transport you to a different place, even a different plane of thought.

So go ahead. Pick up your sword, brush or wand. Because writing is a journey. An adventure. Jumping from thought to thought. Traveling to a destination unknown, in a world imagined. To discover and to conquer. So foreign that the writer can lose himself. And in losing, he wins it all. Salvation. Glory. Hope. You name it and it can be yours.