MGCI Art Council finished their new annual mural, located directly in front of Staircase 5 on the third floor. The mural began in mid-April and was finished on 15 June 2017.

MGCI Art Council’s new mural focusses on the diversity at MGCI. Photo: David Chen-Li

For this year’s mural, Art Council chose the theme of  diversity. MGCI Art Council President Shuyi Wang said, “We choose this theme because it is an important topic in the world but also a defining part of Garneau.” The theme was reflected in the mural with three interwinding faces that are painted using different colours. Art Council hoped to show how all students in the school are human, are equal, and are united.

Planning for the mural began in March, involving managing prospective costs, coming up with a theme, gathering materials, and recruiting volunteers to help with the painting. Before the March Break, a proposal was submitted to Ms. Goldenberg, but was rejected because the design was not reflective enough of the diversity in the school. After the March Break, a second proposal was submitted and was accepted. In April, artists first sketched outlines of the shapes with pencil, before painting over near the end of the month.

Unlike previous years, MGCI Art Council, a group of about 20 students with a passion for art, solely designed and painted the mural. The two previous murals, the “Green Wave” and the PRIDE mural, were done in partnership with MGCI EcoTeam and Garneau’s Queer Straight Alliance respectively. In addition to the mural project, MGCI Art Council have also participated in both Art Night Events this year, painted sets for the Drama Club, and decorated the Thanksgiving Tree.

When asked about the mural, Grade 10 student Praveen Jeyarajah said, “I really love how colorful and and loud the mural is, I wish they had made it sooner so I could enjoy it more.” Although this is Art Council’s last initiative of the year, they plan on making more murals next year, likely in collaboration with another club.