Illustration: Jeffrey Liu

Illustration: Jeffrey Liu

Donald Trump — he’s currently the hottest topic of discussion in American politics. Trump is gaining popularity as a presidential candidate, and is consistently performing well in polls.

The question is, why do so many people view Trump as a solid candidate to lead the Republican Party and the United States? With a strong sense of patriotism, Trump asserts his ideas confidently and honestly. He isn’t afraid to speak out, regardless of how outrageous his opinions are. Trump’s transparency makes him seem like an open book, whereas people are still skeptical about what other candidates say. In the eyes of American citizens, Trump’s personality is representative of the ideal American.

The Americans want change, but is Donald Trump a change for the better? Trump’s views are so radical and absurd, it is comical. His stance on the Syrian refugees is disheartening: comparing the acceptance of refugees to a Trojan horse — suggesting that harmless refugees coming to America could be a terrorist plot involving ISIS — is ridiculous. Not only that, he has even stated that if elected president, he would send the refugees back. Trump is effectively suggesting that people in certain countries are more often than not terrorists. Actions like these support discrimination and enforce the stereotypes of terrorism.

The way Trump acts towards the media is impulsive, and the credibility of his words is questionable. Many of the statements made by Trump are rash, and often downright incorrect. Take the Syrian refugees, for example: Trump claimed that most of the refugees arriving in America would be able-bodied men, capable of fighting. In reality, the Syrian refugees are part of a balanced demographic: the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says around half are female and around half are under 17. Trump’s strong assertions, accompanied with his artificial facts, are compelling enough to influence unaware citizens into believing him.

Another point of controversy is Trump’s suggestion of a border wall dividing USA and Mexico. Trump suggests that many illegal immigrants are entering the United States across the Mexican border, and that a lot of them are killers, rapists, or drug dealers. This is a silly proposition that is based on more racist stereotypes: Mexicans aren’t significantly more likely to turn out to be rapists or criminals. This idiocy was not completely neglected, as NBC fired Trump from his TV show after he was condemned by the public for his actions. Nevertheless, Trump still insists that he is correct, which reveals his immature and headstrong personality.

Donald Trump has made innumerable audacious comments about other people, even other candidates. Regarding fellow candidate Carly Fiorina, Trump said, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?” Trump quickly realized his mistake, but rather than owning up to it, he made the excuse that he was referring to her persona, not her appearance. When discussing his Mexican wall proposal, Trump casually stated, “Mexico has not treated us well. Mexico treats us as though we are stupid people, which of course our leaders are.” Trump is far too comfortable spewing his disrespectful language, and these childish jabs towards others only reflect Trump’s inadequacy in a position of power. If Trump is ruthlessly making derogatory remarks towards his fellow candidates, nothing is stopping him from unintentionally offending other political leaders and starting conflicts.

The citizens of the United States need to understand that politics isn’t a game. The president of the United States is the most important representative of the country, and Donald Trump is the last person I would choose to represent any country. Of course, some voters have already realized how crazy the idea of having Trump as president is. Others believe that having Trump elected could reveal the flaws in the American system of government, and reveal the true corruption hidden inside of it; instead of abstaining, perhaps it would be better to have the government crash and burn to prove a point. However, these voters underestimate the impact of the government on a country — they are asking for a big collapse in the government, which could lead to ruined public affairs or a crashing economy. These fantasies of instantaneous political reform are just as far-fetched as Trump’s own plans for the future, and these fanatical American citizens must realize this.

That being said, voters need to keep in mind that Trump has not won the Republican election yet. There are plenty of other Republican presidential candidates that share similar ideologies with Trump, but without the negative publicity. If voters take the time to research, perhaps they may actually find a candidate more suited to their liking.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and see through the guise of Trump. As he once said about another candidate, I will say the same about him. Look at his face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of their next president? Well I can, and it isn’t pretty.

But of course, I’m referring to his persona, not his appearance.

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