Now I see you.


Shivering in plain sight;

Basked in the sunlight.

Fragile and elegant,

Like my mother’s best satin dress.


You are beautiful.


Inexplicably, I am drawn to you.

You smell wonderful,

Like sweet rainfall and endless summers.

I reach out slowly and touch your soft skin.


A smile spreads across my face.


That is when I make up my mind—

I want you. I need you.

But you are so delicate and so perfect…

Do I really deserve you?


Without thinking,

I bend down and pick you up.

Gently, I hold you in my hands,

Entranced by your charm.


But my delight quickly turns into horror,

As I realize what I have done;

I have uprooted you from your home,

And slit the veins which keep you alive.


The water which once rushed through your body like blood,

Has now gone still.


By Loving you I have killed you.


My dear rose, I am so incredibly sorry.


Illustration: Joy Wang

Illustration: Joy Wang