This year’s MGCI Winter Music night was a night full of holiday spirit. It was held in the school cafeteria on 18 December, and began at 6 pm.

The show started with the Grade 10 Guitar class playing “Jingle Bells”, to a half-full cafeteria. The rest of the show featured a wide variety of music, including pop songs such as “Viva La Vida”, traditional folk music like “Mahaganapathe”, and Christmas classics like “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. As always, the highlight of the show was the Teacher Band, performing Truly Brave, a mash-up of “True Colours” and “Brave”. The show ended with a performance by the choir and the Grade 9 Vocal Class, who wanted everyone to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

Unfortunately, the show didn’t include a collaboration between concert band and choir, a collaboration that was featured last year. There also were not any dance performances.

Though there were some issues with the show, the night carried on. One mishap included a lack of attendance from several performers: the entire bass and tenor section of  the choir didn’t show up.

photo 5

Students performing at 2014 Winter Music Night. Photo courtesy of Jamie Kwan


Throughout the show, the importance of music education was emphasized. The MCs described the songs each group was playing and a video after the intermission encouraged students to learn music. The presenters also encouraged students to join concert band and stage band next semester.

Ms. Libunao and Mr. Rakonjac, the organizers of the show, were both pleased with the performance. “The students did a fantastic job,” said Ms. Libunao, who also gives credit to the stage crew. One parent said the music was very “professional sounding”. Muhammad Arif, a Grade 9 Vocal student, said, “ I think it went really smoothly, and I really liked the performance, especially the Teacher Band, and the choir.”

This year’s Winter Music Night, one of the last shows of the year, showcased all different types of music and performances. It showcased the music students’ hard work and left the audience with a sense of holiday cheer. As school Principal Ms. Goldenberg said, “As always, a wonderful night.”