A new crew of council members has been chosen by voters of various music-related activities associated with the music council of Marc Garneau, and this year, with the guidance of Mr. Rakonjac, aim to ensure that this year will not only be a success, but also promote Garneau’s music program.

Marc Garneau C.I.’s new Music Council executive (from left to right): Jamie Kwan, Tony Wang, Victoria So, and Remi Hossain.

The current music council members are as follows: Victoria So (President), Tony Wang (Vice-President), Jamie Kwan (Secretary), and Remi Hossain (Treasurer).

As always, it is the duty of the council members to get the word out and make sure the students know about the clubs associated with music council, such as concert band and stage band.  Concert band tends to play more classical music, sometimes even rock, while stage band plays more to the variety of jazz music.  There are also music-related courses that are offered to students, such as band and guitar.

All of these different groups of musicians all prepare for a Garneau tradition: music night.  Music night is held at the end of both semesters in the school year.  While all details are yet to be determined, President of music council, Victoria So, has plans regarding both music nights in terms of how her and the rest of music council can improve the success of last year.

As well as music night, an event known as Sounds of Toronto will be taking place in Massey Hall in which 10 members from either concert band or stage band are chosen to play along with other music students from other TDSB schools, totaling up to about 150 student musicians all playing in one of Canada’s most renowned concert halls.

Music council is looking forward to another great year at Marc Garneau.