Illustration: Lila Huang

Illustration: Lila Huang

America has just been Trumped.

Following the most controversial election in American history, citizens are not happy with the results. Mr. Trump, the new president-elect of the U.S, has left the country protesting against his ideas, beliefs, and quite frankly, his personality. In moments of defiance, many Americans have announced their plans to move North. In fact, the Immigration Canada website crashed on the night of the election, as frantic Americans rushed to find other options in case of a Trump victory.

The #MovingtoCanada phenomenon had begun long before Mr. Trump was even elected, with citizens and celebrities alike vowing to go through with the deed. With his victory, some are determined to start packing.

Is it fair, though, for Americans to claim that they will move to Canada?

It would be difficult to find a moment in history when Americans were more divided than they are today. In a time where more national unity is required than ever before, the exact opposite is occurring. It is hardly acceptable for citizens to leave their country behind in a state of political turmoil.

Some residents also seem to have forgotten their responsibilities to America. Citizens of the States make an Oath of Allegiance to the country which requires them to “bear true faith and allegiance” [1]. Green card holders, on the other hand, are also required to demonstrate loyalty and are “expected to support the democratic form of government” [1]. Americans have no right to turn their backs on their country, one which provides them with shelter and opportunity.

A large group of Americans are abandoning their country because they are not satisfied with the results of the election. Elections are held and democracy practised to ensure that the voices of the people are heard. If citizens are not satisfied with the current electoral system, then they should protest it instead of threatening to leave the country.

Do American values preach running away from undesirable situations? No matter which party wins the election, and who sits in the White House, these people are still citizens of the U.S. Their responsibilities and loyalties to the country don’t simply end when things don’t go their way.

Some Americans are also being influenced by the list of celebrities who claimed, before the election, that they would move to Canada in case of a Trump victory. Should Canada be expecting Miley Cyrus to fly in with her wrecking ball too? It is hard to believe that celebrities would be willing to leave the source of all their riches, as celebrities’ paychecks, fanbases, and popularity come from America. It is highly unlikely that celebrities will stay true to their promise, so they should not mislead other Americans.

Now, this is not to say that people with legitimate fears for their well-being should not make a move. But Americans who are truly against Trump’s values should stay in their country and fight for what they believe is right. American citizens seem to be forgetting that theirs is a democratic nation; its constitution ensures that the government can’t just ignore the public’s demands. If Mr. Trump were to bring forth a highly undesirable proposition, he would not be able to force it onto the public. If a vast majority of the population protested against anything, Mr. Trump would have to take people’s concerns into consideration as the president of a democratic government.

The elections have left many Americans flustered and unsettled. This, however, doesn’t mean that Americans can just leave their country, one which provides for them and one which they swore loyalty to. Americans have the moral responsibility to stay in their country and work together to preserve their values.

And if Americans want to move to Canada to #HideFromTheirProblems, Canada doesn’t want them.