Civic Engagement Volunteering

MPP Kathleen Wynne’s office is accepting applications for Civic Engagement Volunteering Activities for events held between October and June 2019. Deadline to apply is 28 September, 2018. Applications are available in Student Services.

Bisexuality Awareness Week

Hey Garneau! This week is Bisexuality Awareness Week. People who identify as bisexual are attached to guys and girls. As of 2018 bisexuals are more likely to experience violence than people who are gay or straight. Want to learn more? Drop by GSA tomorrow at lunch in room 225.


Interested in science, technology, engineering, arts, business, or leadership? SHAD is a month-long summer program that empowers change makers, taking place at 17 universities across the country. Want to learn more about the program and applications? Come to the info session this Tuesday at lunch in the library!

Junior Quiz League

Who was Canada’s longest serving Prime Minister? What’s the capital of Norway? What was a  popular pastime in medieval England? If you’re in grade 9 or 10 and are interested in trivia, then you should join Junior Quiz League in Room 205 on Tuesdays at lunch. Top performers will get a prize!

Improv Team

Do you like thinking on your feet? Do you enjoy improvisational drama? If you answered yes to either of those questions, join MGCI Imrov Team’s first meeting on Wednesday, 26 September in the drama studio (room 246).

Neuroscience Club

Do you want to know what goes no in your mind? Are you interested in the most important organ in your body and how it works? Join Neuroscience Club on Monday, 24 September in room 321.

Eco Team

Do you want to make a change in the environment? Want to know more about what’s going on around us? Come today to our first meeting at lunch in room 235 to learn more and become a part of the Eco Team! Together, let’s think globally and act locally.