Bridge Club

Bridge Club is being held Tuesdays at lunch in Room 333. If you’re interested in learning about or just playing bridge, stop by and drop in. Everybody is welcome and will have the opportunity to play in school tournaments with prizes. Hope to see you there!

CPR Club

Are there any CPR instructors in Garneau? If you are a CPR instructor and are interested in the CPR Club, please contact Ms. Miller in the library.

MGCI Bike Club

Hey Garneau! Do you enjoy cycling? Do you enjoy leisurely bike rides in the valley? Garneau will be starting its very first bike club this year! Please join us today in Room 233 to learn more.

MGCI Biology Club

Bored with life? Why not learn about life itself with Marc Garneau’s one and only Biology Club! We’ll perform hands-on science experiments that will bamboozle your mind! Our first meeting is on Tuesday at lunch in Room 311! You’ll be dying to attend!

Tutoring Program

TNO’ss free after school tutoring program is starting Tuesday after school in Room 305. See Guidance for more details.

MGCI Political Debate Club

Censorship! Ethics of war! Fair taxation! Come to Room 302 at lunch starting Tuesday, 3 October to explore issues and learn to debating techniques with the MGCI Political Debates Club.

Junior Girls Basketball

There will be a brief meeting today in Room 231 for all members of the Junior Girls Basketball Team at the end of the day (3:15 pm).

The Improv Team

Do you like improv? Do you enjoy making people laugh? Then, the Improv Team is right for you! Join us every Monday at lunch in the Drama Studio (Room 246) to learn more about the Improv Team.

MGCI Math Club

Registration for the COMC, CIMC, and CSMC math contests are taking place Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at lunch in Room 329. The registration cost for COMC is $15 and $12 for CIMC and CSMC. If you have any questions about the contest or the difficultly, drop by and talk to us on Wednesday.

Model UN

Interested in developing a solution for the Rohingya? Scared of Rocket man? Come to Model UN for debate on current world crises and act as UN delegates to craft resolutions to solve them. Come to Room 235 Mondays at lunch.


Interested in STEM programs? Want to network with students and professionals in these fields? Join Sci-Talk on Wednesdays at lunch in Room 233!