Mind Your Mind held a Stress Relief and Mental Health Workshop in Room 248 at lunch on 7 June. Promoted by Social Justice and Equity Committee (SJEC), approximately thirty students attended to learn stress relief techniques for the upcoming exam season.

Nicole, a youth worker with Mind Your Mind, opened the workshop with a discussion on different stress relief techniques. She asked students to rate their current stress level, and how they managed stress. Students suggested activities such as meditation, planning work schedules, taking naps, and working out to cope with stress. Nicole also led a brief yoga session—demonstrating exercises that could improve blood circulation—and encouraged positive self-talk. During the preliminary discussions, SJEC handed out freezies to participants.

MGCI students listened to a talk on stress management and took part in stress relieving activities. Photo: Sophia Liu

Afterwards, students played card games or board games such as Monopoly. Others molded Play Doh or drew in colouring books. Due to a lack of materials, the initially planned slime-making activity was cancelled. This was disappointing for students as it was one of the major attractions planned for the day.

Overall, the event was enjoyed by students. Tom Tang, a participant, said, “I thought it was a nice lecture. We got together with friends, did some stretches, had food, and played some games. It was a simple, but fun event.”

Zainab Alavi and Maheen Shahzad, two members of Mind Your Mind, said, “We hold these sessions because we want to help teach students to take care of themselves so they can go on and accomplish their goals.” Mind Your Mind holds workshops every other Wednesday in Room 248. The room is also available every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for students who want to use the space to de-stress or talk with friends.