Spirit week is always an interesting one. Marc Garneau students got the chance to show their school pride and spirit this week. From 15 – 18 December students were given a different theme each day to dress up to, along with many different challenges in the cafeteria.

The week started off with “Pyjama and Ugly Sweater Day, ” and students were challenged to participate in a fashion show during lunch to show off their pyjamas or ugly sweater. Participants in all challenges during Spirit Week had the opportunity to win free Christmas show tickets and flashing red noses.

Tuesday was “Dressember/Tie Day,” where students put on their fanciest outfits, and strutted through the halls with style and pizzazz. By wearing a dress, students were able to support the Girl Effect club in promoting awareness of human trafficking. In addition, an Arm Wrestling Tournament was held.

“Twin Day” followed on Wednesday. Some of the students who participated were photographed. The photos were later posted on the MGCI Student Council Facebook page. Click here to see the images.

Thursday was “School Color/Swag Day”. Students showed their school spirit and decked themselves out in Maroon/red, white, or blue. Games of Musical Chairs were held during the last two days of Spirit Week as well.

Students dressed up for __'s School Colour day. Photo:

Students dressed up for Thursday’s spirit event: School Colours day. Photo: Shawana Amir

Spirit Convenor Mara Gagiu thought that “while many students actively participated in the series of cafeteria games, there were some issues with convincing the people to dress up.”

Problems with a lack of students dressing up were possibly due to the overwhelming number of events going on in December. SAC was selling sweaters and flashing red noses, unhealthy food sales were going on, a teacher student dodge ball game taking place, and the Christmas Show was amid preparation.

Spirit Week promotion relied heavily on posters, word of mouth, and social media. They used the Hashtag “SnowTips” to tie together spirit days and ways of preparing for winter. SAC also arranged posters in the galleria for each tip in the shape of numbers. Other posters were placed all over the second and third floors as well. However by the end of the day, many of the posters on the second and third floor had fallen.

When asked how Spirit Week could have been improved, Mara replied, “If the posters were put up a week earlier, these issues could have been resolved sooner and people would have been informed ahead of time to start planning what ugly sweater they would bring or what formal wear to dress up in.”

She also added that though this was the case, “Seeing the results and the participation from students, Spirit Committee will focus on creating more events that will engage the student body in activities. We look forward to a new year with new activities and a renewed school spirit!”