SAC members discuss items on their agenda

SAC members discuss items on their agenda

On Monday 25 March, SAC members met to discuss upcoming elections, school t-shirt sales, and the hanging curtain in the gymnasium.

SAC executive elections will be happening soon in May, however the council is unable to obtain an assembly schedule due to students using the cafeteria during their spare. Instead, campaigning will run for a week, with speeches held during period fives on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

School t-shirt sales will be beginning shortly, and more students ordering a shirt will mean cheaper prices for all. The shirts will be coming from Gildan, and the price will be $10 if there are at least 70 sales.

As there is an issue with the large hanging curtain in the gym, the SAC vs. Reckoner basketball game will be postponed until after the long weekend.

International Show will be happening 25 April from 6 to 9pm. Ticket sales will start Tuesday.

International Pink Day will be occurring 10 April, to support the global anti-bullying campaign. Students around the world are invited to show support by sporting pink apparel.

The number of registered clubs has dropped dramatically in semester two, going from more than 80 in semester one to only a bit more than 30. It is still undetermined as to whether Garneau Gold will be happening this year.

A potential charity project and a website for Grade representatives were proposed, will be put on hold until more information becomes available.

The meeting concluded with plans to continue considering re-implementing Garneau Gold before SAC’s next meeting.