On Saturday 12 April 2014, MGCI’s show choir, “D-Verses”, competed in the Show Choir Canada Nationals at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.

At the National competition there are three divisions consisting of four participants each, for a total of twelve show choirs from various schools around Canada. Participants signed up for the National competition in February, with no preliminary rounds of competition. The three divisions are based on the type of school (Arts or Non-Arts), and the size of their ensemble.

Competitors from Arts schools have their own division, while competitors from Non-Arts schools are split amongst two further divisions: large ensembles and small ensembles.

At the Show Choir Canada Nationals, all twelve participating choirs received 30 minutes to perform their set list. The MGCI set list consisted of Lean On Me, ABC, a ’60s Medley, and their most popular performance: Thriller.

Judges for this competition came from all over the world. In fact, there was only one Canadian judge, with two other judges being American, and the last judge being from the United Kingdom. The judges were all hand-picked for their extensive experience and training. The event was hosted by Elena Juatco, a Canadian actress and singer.

MGCI came in last place in their division, and although score sheets will be released at a later date, the choir likely did not place highly overall. MGCI’s show choir was started up four years ago, when they came in ninth place.

Even though their showing did not fare as well as they would have liked, the members of the MGCI show choir aren’t too disheartened by the outcome.

“We got to perform on the main stage in the Toronto Centre for the Arts where award-winning plays and musicals have been held, which was amazing,” says Michelle Nyamekye, a Grade 11 student who is a member of the MGCI show choir. “It was just so great being in a place where everyone is so unique and talented. It’s an experience I will miss when I graduate next year for sure.”

Teodora Blidaru, a Grade 11 student, the president of show choir, and one of the lead choreographers, shares this sentiment, saying, “This was show choir’s best performance so far this year, and we look forward to giving another amazing performance at music night.”

The MGCI show choir at the Show Choir Canada National Competition with staff advisor, Ms. Libunao.

The MGCI show choir at the Show Choir Canada National Competition with staff advisor, Ms. Libunao. Photo courtesy of MGCI’s show choir.