Every year, the MGCI Student Activity Council (SAC) sells apparel to raise money for their various initiatives. This school year, SAC sold T-shirts and senior sweaters with plans to sell more sweaters later in the year for the entire student body.

Both sales were promoted on the morning announcements as well as on social media. Students placed orders through Google Forms or in person at the SAC office. This year, sales were open to teachers as well as students.

As part of SAC’s new house system, T-shirts were available in the four house colours: red, blue, green, and yellow. Students earned five points for their respective house from each T-shirt purchased. T-shirt sales were held from 11 to 22 September 2017 for ten dollars each. In total, seventy-three shirts were sold, raising a profit of over fifty dollars.

Colourful MGCI T-shirts. Photo: Jenny Bai

When asked why he purchased a T-shirt, Grade 9 student Aryan Misra said, “I wanted to buy a T-shirt because I was running out of shirts to wear and I think that it is a good product for the price.”

Senior sweaters were sold from 23 October to 20 November 2017. The sweaters cost $35 with customization on the back or arm for an extra $2. The sweaters were available in black, grey, burgundy, and beige with embroidered letters in either red or navy blue. SAC members designed the sweaters with the help of design and print clothing company Doob Gear Productions.

Students wearing senior sweaters. Photo: Jenny Bai

Subaani Mathy, the SAC Grad Convenor, organized the sweater sales and considered it a success. In total, SAC sold ninety-nine sweaters and raised $891. “My goal was to raise $1000 but I’m satisfied with what we accomplished,” said Subaani. The profits of the sale will go towards the prom committee’s campaign of making  prom tickets more affordable for students.

For the upcoming school-wide sweater sales SAC has posted a poll on their Facebook page where students can vote for one of three sweaters designed by SAC members. SAC plans to begin selling these sweaters  in February 2018.