There was a Christmas Show in the Cafeteria – the core of MGCI activity,
Where the adventurous and ambitious of the area had assembled,
All the school-spirited students who sat in their seats or showcased their ceaseless amounts of talent,
Cheered and chortled collectively with or without class.
But boundless struggles has the student body bore in order to keep the event,
So the VP’s granted them a gift and gave them all of period five to use with gratitude.
After verifying the wide variety of vibrant auditions,
Eliciting excerpts from the future acts to attract sales,
And seeking out advisors and rehearsal spaces while selling all of the 300 possible tickets,
The lights flashed onto the stage, for the heroic journey was finally finished.
The methodically organized marvel began – making the pupils awake and,
Nusra and Hiba leaped out, as the red curtains drew,
The enthusiastic hosts brought cheers while they would flirt.
Natasha joined in and suddenly out of the blue,
Came a bodacious Sulaiman wearing a skirt.

Many marvelous musical performances made up the student-run spectacle,
From Jean Batin who sang Beyoncé’s beautiful ballad, Halo,
To Yang Chen’s larger-than-life hand gestures while lining out a lovely cover of New York State of Mind.
And one could not easily overlook the eccentric and energetic Deven,
Who glided, flipped, G-kicked, and gangnamed quite a bit.
Nor the fetching duet of Farah and Faizah ,
Who looked quite lovey-dovey during “Little Talks”,
Causing the third-wheel-guitarist to cumbersomely cover and cower.
And near the end, the hosts chucked presents to the crowd and a bouquet to the Spirit Convener.
But “Hold your horses now” as Shirley, Tommy, and Mag hummed,
The other fabulous acts shall never be forgotten,
Especially the efforts of the elusive stage crew,
Along with the superb and strong-willed SAC that shone in the element of
Their dancing and event was overall, pleasant.
Although a few mixed opinions came to mind,
The planning and execution was brilliant,
But I felt glum, since I did not get any prize.

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Photos by Bazil Mani.