Illustration: Sophie Yang

Measles is back. And it’s not pretty.


The measles virus is the root of a highly contagious disease—measles. And by highly contagious, I mean uber-contagious (an infected person could sneeze on the streets and walking on that same street hours later could infect you). Fortunately, there’s a vaccine for measles!


Unfortunately, not everyone is taking this vaccine! And therein lies the problem: a few people go unvaccinated and—bam! All of a sudden you could have thousands of cases in a matter of days. Here’s the thing: there’s a little something call herd immunity. Essentially, it means that when a population has an 80-95% vaccination rate against a disease, the infectivity rate of that disease goes down.


Long story short? Get the vaccine if you haven’t. Get it now. The long version? Get the vaccine in a prompt and safe manner if you haven’t already, and make sure to spread awareness about this vital issue so that everyone can stay safe.