As we approach the season of love once again, the Student Activity Council (SAC) has plans to celebrate. On 7 February, 2021, SAC hosted its five-day Valentine Spirit week, which was also the first spirit week this year. Due to the pandemic, all events requiring physical contact were replaced by fun virtual activities instead. The activities were advertised on SAC’s Instagram account.

Starting on 7 February, the raffle opened. During the week, students could participate in activities to earn raffle tickets. Every ticket added up to a chance to win the final prize of a $15 Starbucks gift card. 

Inspired by the many Greek words for love, each of the five days in the Spirit Week corresponded with one type of love (Philia, Storge, Pragma, Eros, Mania, and Agape). During each day of the spirit week, students had a chance to share examples of that specific type of love in their life. The daily responses were then chosen and shared by the SAC on their Instagram story. Every response counted as a ticket towards the raffle.

On 8 February, students were encouraged to share their Valentine pictures, which was another chance to earn raffle tickets. The only requirement was to wear red, white and/or pink in the pictures. All pictures were sent to the SAC through direct messages on Instagram.

Finally, a game night of was planned on 12 February, from 5 pm to 7 pm. However, the event was postponed until further notice, due to technical difficulties. 

Bilal Bartaai, the Sr Social and Spirit Convener said, “Judging by the entertaining responses we received from the students, we certainly got some attention! For the first spirit week of this year, I would say it went pretty well.” The SAC has not yet set a date for the postponed game night, but more information will be forthcoming.