For some,

Life is a challenge,

Set by God

To test the wills

Of his people.


For some,

Life is a hardship,

Where every day

Burns a hole

In the weary hearts

Of the aching people.


For some,

Life is a gamble,

With no purpose,

No goal,

Just a platform,

To bargain,

And bargain,

And bargain again,

Till you run out of things to bargain,

Or you run out of time.


For some,

Life is a storm,

Creeping up so stealthily,

So secretly,

That you do not see it

Until it is too late.


But for others,

Life is a journey,

A chance to experience the world,

To experience its hardships,

But also its joys,

Its awards,

And its satisfactions.


For others,

Life is a stage,

Where you can create your own destiny,

Choose your own goals,

Make your own decisions,

Make your own future.


For some,

Life is a blessing,

A gift that must not be misused,


Or taken for granted.

Life is a flower,

One that must be allowed to blossom,

In order to ever be.


What is this life to you?