Marc Garneau students were invited to hear an insightful and informative presentation hosted by Sci-Talk on 28 November 2017. The presentation featured University of Toronto student Drishti Thakkar who shared with attendees her advice on picking career paths and universities, tips on improving time management skills, and experience on applying to American universities.

Drishti Thakkar speaking to students. Photo: Eric Zhao

Drishti is in her second-year of university majoring in nutritional sciences and fundamental genetics. She works as a research assistant and peer mentor on campus, writes as a columnist for American newspaper, The Pavlovic Today, and is a compliance analyst for the G20 Research Group.

In her presentation, Drishti spoke about choosing a career path based on your own interests and where you can thrive, rather than merely looking at the career’s pay and prestige. She also talked about non-academic related factors such as location and population. From her undergrad experience, she also stressed the importance of planning strict daily schedules to keep on top of work. Her advice was to take on more responsibilities, such as volunteering, getting a job, or joining clubs, stating that a busier schedule forced her to learn to better organize her time. She also highlighted the necessity of attending every class, particularly in first year. While Drishti placed emphasis on balancing academics and extracurriculars, she also reminded attendees not to forget to make time for family and friends. In terms of applying to American universities, she gave advice on the essays, interviews, and standardized tests that are required.

Throughout her presentation, Drishti shared personal stories and specific examples of her successes and failures during her academic career as well as many quotes that have motivated her. A captive audience of around ten students attended Drishti’s presentation. Grade 9 student Jessica Xiong said, “It was really informative. I gained more knowledge on university applications.”

The event was advertised through posters around the school and on social media. Students were offered snacks and drinks throughout the hour-long presentation.

Drishti was Sci-Talk’s second guest speaker this year. When asked about the aim of Sci-Talk’s guest speakers, executive member Sylvia Chong said, “We want to bring more networking opportunities to students, focusing on the sciences.” Through inviting a variety of speakers on different topics, Sci-Talk hopes to give students a better idea of what life after high school entails, and to help them prepare for the next chapter of their lives. Sci-Talk plans to invite more guest speakers to share their experiences with the students at Garneau.