There’s pink and blue
Missing I-Owe-You’s
And all I ever do is wonder why.

You took me back in the rain
Bled me, leaving me all drained
Yet I’m still sickeningly attached to you.

And if you ever wonder what I think about;
It’s muted grays and blank slates
And mismatched socks
And rumbling clouds,
Silent rage all about.

And you’re dazzling.
Shining so loudly,
It’s frightening.

Now I’m lost in your shadows
Thrown in the gallow
With empty thoughts trickling down the drain,
I wither away.

And the world is silent –

Give me your last breath,
Your best bet.

Sing my praises,
Fall to your knees.
I want the world spinning around my feet.

So spin and spin and spin and spin
Until your heels split and bleed
But your devotion will make you thunder on –
keep coming to me.

A thread will tug between our souls;
You’ve tied yourself to me.
So swear fealty,
There will be no other –

We danced a twisted dance,
Loathing dripping from our gazes like poisonous tears
Yet we’ll always come back to each other
Until we’re left in pieces
Discarded among our sins,

And that will be our last.

Photo: Brett Hondow on