undercover kindness 1

Club members work on writing anonymous notes filled with quotes and compliments.
Photo: Sophia Liu

This year at MGCI, a new club called Undercover Kindness Garneau was created, with the objective of brightening up the school’s hallways and making a difference in people’s days.

This initiative aims to cheer up students through random acts of kindness, such as having students write anonymous letters containing friendly messages and inspirational quotes to other students, teachers , or even people in the local community. The club wishes for its activities to remain undercover because they do not want the recognition for their actions, they just want to make people feel special.

Undercover Kindness Garneau differs from other clubs in the school in that it focuses on little things that boost spirits within the school, while most other clubs are based on hobbies and interests or fundraising. According to club co-president Vicky Xu , “it’s really the small things in life that makes each day so special, and I don’t think a lot of people realize that.”

When asked what inspired this idea, club co-president Deifilia To said that she wanted to fulfill a need for the school. “We looked around the school and decided that it would greatly benefit the students if they knew they were being cared for by someone else.”

If you want to make a difference in someone’s day, you can find out more about Undercover Kindness Garneau on every day 2 Wednesday at lunch in room 311.