On 19 May 2017, the MGCI Key Club held their annual car wash for teachers after school. From 1:45 to 3 pm, a group of twelve volunteers gathered in the parking lot outside of the auto-shop to wash cars for charity. The money raised will be going towards the organization Sleeping Children Around the World, also known as SCAW.

Twelve volunteers helped Key Club run the car washing event. Photo: David Chen-Li


Key Club advertised the event to students through social media and morning announcements. Specifically, a Facebook post recruited students who needed volunteer hours and wanted to help. From the post, students could fill out a form to sign up for the event. To attract more attention from staff, teachers were asked in-person by Key Club members if they wanted to have their cars washed or if they would like to make a donation instead.

Sedans were washed for seven dollars and larger cars or SUVs were washed for ten dollars. In total, twenty-two cars were washed and students took turns rinsing, soaping, and drying the cars. When asked about the event, Barakh Unia, a volunteer, said, “I think it went pretty well, we washed a lot of cars and we were quite efficient.”

While the turnout was decent, there were some obstacles that stood in the way. One issue was that some cars were parked too far away from the school. To resolve this, two hoses had to be attached to be able to reach those cars. Other than this, the event ran quite smoothly as the students worked together to finish quickly.

The event was a great success. Roughly one hundred and sixty-five dollars was raised from the car washing fees and donations. For every thirty-five dollars that was raised, SCAW sends a bed kit which includes a mattress or mat, pillow, blanket, sheet, mosquito net, clothes, and even school supplies to a child in need. Maggie Xu, President of MGCI Key Club, said, “We really care about this project as we do it every year. We want to help the children around the world who don’t have anywhere to sleep or anything sleep on.”