I can’t forgive,

I can’t forget.

Reminders of what you did follow me around
like a lonely phantom looking for a companion.

I can’t forgive because I still carry the scars you left behind

On my body.
In my heart.
In my mind.

You abandoned me,
but you forgot to take with you the memories of us
the memories of you

Each version of me was glass that you had shattered
And every time I try to forget, the phantom pains of the shards jabbing at me shock me awake.

You said you wanted nothing to do with me
that you wanted to erase every trace of me from your life.

So, why are you still here?

Why are your footprints still visible when they should be covered by new life experiences?
A life you don’t belong in.
A life that doesn’t conform to the perfect little image you created of me.
A life that can only thrive once it’s eradicated every echo of you from my mind.

I can’t forgive because I don’t want to.
And I can’t forget because you don’t want me to.

Photo: Lampos Aritonang on Unsplash.com