If I erase my name 

From the top of my English worksheet 

Will no one know me?

 If I rip off the name tag

At this office party

Will someone still recognise me?

If I change the colour of my hair

Walking my hometown streets

Will someone still call out to me?

If I change my face plastic and silicone

Walk up the altar

Will they still rise?

If I go to court and change my name

Birth name to Jane Doe 

Will my parents still speak of me?

I did that all

I changed my name

Erased and torn

My hair a sticky auburn

From the jet black it used to be 

My eyes a little bigger

My nose a little smaller 

Filled and reduced to unnoticed lengths 

My teacher still knows my worksheet though

My handwriting, he says, is distinct 

A colleague waves at me from across the room 

He’s seen me wear this pale blue dress before

My childhood friend runs up to me 

You changed your hair, she exclaims 

They hesitate to rise 

But my father knows

He walks me down 

He calls me Jane Doe


Photo: Amelia Wahyuningtias on Unsplash