Hope is more than a wish or desire.
Hope is a general ambition for a situation to get better.
Hope is there to brighten people’s minds and open their vision.
Hope is the feeling of being wrapped in a warm cozy sweater.

Hope is something that can drive you out of a dark place.
Hope is a feeling that lights up the room.
Hope is like a blanket to cover you from your dark thoughts.
Hope is like you’re jumping on clouds with no doom.

Hope is what most people wish to see when they feel lost.
Hope is a dream during the day where others can play.
Hope is nothing but comfort and ease.
Hope is like a star that overshines the gray.

Hope is feeling yellow.
Hope is like being lifted in a hot air balloon.
Hope is there to guide you to stand tall above others.
Hope is something you want to happen soon.

Hope is an empty field for your mind to run free in.
Hope will challenge all your nightmares.
Hope is an optimistic state.
Hope is like God reading your prayers.

Photo: giografiche on Pixabay.com