MGCI’s annual ball hockey tournament took place 7 to 8 November after school in the gymnasium. This year, four teams competed for the cup: Tpark, HMVB, BrownHawks, and Zakkies Yg’s. The victorious team, HMVB, consisted of Mr. van Bemmel, Julien Lin, Jeffrey Qiu, Will Randall, Varun Venkataramanan, Ryan Lew, and Jacky Yao. Each team consisted of a minimum of 4 players and a goalie, and the games spanned eight minutes, with four minute halves. Mr. Graham was the referee for the matches.

On the first day, the tournament involved a round robin, where each team played every other team once. This determined the matches for playoffs the next day, based on the number of games won.


Team HMVB poses for a victory photo. Photo: Cindy Cui.

Playoffs were held on 8 November, with each game lasting ten minutes with five minute halves. The first game was played between Tpark and Zakkies Yg’s. Both teams played hard, with a final score of 2-2 at the buzzer. A scoreless two minute sudden death period followed, leading to a shootout. Zakkies Yg’s took the match when they scored two consecutive shootout goals.

The next match was held between BrownHawks and HMVB, where HMVB won the match 2-0.

After a ten minute break, Zakkies Yg’s and HMVB faced off in the finals. This game had three periods, each five minute in duration. At the end of the first period, HMVB led 0-1. They lengthened their lead to 0-3 in the second period and finished the game victorious with a score of 0-3.

Will Randall, a player on HMVB, commented, “The team was pretty solid and the opposition was real competitive. We played well and the team pulled through.”