The first time you saw the snow, you knew

you’d fallen under her trance. You watched as she

sprinkled lights across your once sullen skies

And when she melted away, you swore you’d find her again


The silent windows watched you wait, until—

She came back in a blizzard. She was everywhere,

dashing through the wind in a cold-hearted dance

as you trudged your feet through her suffocating grasp


But at the very least, she was here— you were

dreading the day she would die a dull puddle

more than you dreaded her icy breath

freezing you until you were numb to the world


Her home was a world away in the sky

And when you thought you could reach out your hands

to hold her, she slipped away into a silent water droplet,

dripping through your numb fingers as you grasped thin air


She bit you with piercing fangs of frostbite— and you,

hands shaking, ears purple, eyes glazed over—

you let her teeth sink in; you watched her as she

made flowers keel over in nauseating agony


And when the last of her was swallowed back into the sky,

you reached out with your thawing hands; you

screamed at the gentle sun for taking away your

heartless winter:


Thank you.