Bustling students took over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on 25 and 26 March for the HOSA Spring Leadership Conference (SLC). Close to one hundred and ten students represented Marc Garneau CI this year, competing against thousands of other students from all across Canada. Thirty-seven students from the MGCI chapter placed in the top ten in their category, including ten students who placed in the top three and qualified to attend the HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC) which will be held in Orlando, Florida from 19 to 22 June 2019.

Josephine Davey-Young and Jessica Guo accept their awards on stage. Image: Justin Ye

HOSA Canada has been organizing the annual SLC since 2014 with the goal of giving students the opportunity to learn more about and engage in activities related to the health sciences. Students compete in one of over forty competitive events, each separated into a secondary and post-secondary tier for students in high school and university respectively. The events are grouped into five categories: health sciences, leadership, emergency preparedness, health professions, and teamwork. Competitors can choose to do an individual event such as nursing assisting or a team event like HOSA Bowl, which tests teams of three to four students on their general health-related trivia knowledge. Each event includes a multiple choice exam and some involve a demonstration round where students present practical skills in front of judges.

Qualification for the demonstration round depends on a competitor’s exam score as well as the number of participants in the event. This year, the MGCI chapter had close to twenty more members than in 2018 with the club continuing to grow each year. Chapter President Grace Xiong attributed this rise to “the openness of [the] club to new members.” Gabriel Luo, a Grade 12 student, commented on why he decided to join HOSA in his last year of high school: “I heard that HOSA was a great way to develop practical skills and with my prior knowledge in CPR and first aid I felt that I would do well in a competitive setting while learning more about medical science.” At SLC, students can also participate in workshops when they are not studying or competing in their events. Workshops included Casting, Dental Molding, Drug Detection, Intubation Skills, IV Insertion, Measuring Vitals, Medical School Panel, Neurological School Panel, SAT vs. ACT, ECG Interpretations, Suturing and Anatomy, and others. The workshops allow students to learn new skills or attend a panel with different professionals. Grade 9 student and participant Daniel Neagu spoke to his experience in the sessions, saying, “ECG Interpretations was a sublime experience. I felt my heart race and my body shiver as I learned about the heart.”

Many students were impressed with the 2019 award ceremony, mainly referring to the improvement in pace and organization as compared to the previous year. When asked how she felt the competition was organized, competitor Zoe Cheng said that the “scenarios and judging went smoothly.” She commented, however, that organization could be improved since her event was held back by about forty minutes. The timing of events has been a frequently-raised issue in previous years as well. When asked to give her final thoughts on the event, Grace said, “We are so impressed with the success of our chapter saw this year! Members worked extremely hard preparing for the conference, and we were glad to see their efforts pay off.”

The Reckoner congratulates the following students on their achievements at the 2019 HOSA Spring Leadership Conference:

Amy Chen – Top 10, Biomedical Laboratory Science

Janet Cheng – Top 10, Biomedical Laboratory Science

Jessica Guo, Gabriel Luo – 1st Place, CERT Skills

Serena Meng, Erica Yip – Top 10, CERT Skills

Molly Feng, Christina Zhang – 2nd Place, EMT

Anirudh Goel, Vinson Zhang – Top 10, EMT

Najifah Tasnim – 1st Place, Epidemiology

Lavan DeSilva, Jacqueline Huo, George Paraschiv – 3rd Place, HOSA Bowl

Renee Jiang, Angela Pang, Justin Ye – 4th Place, HOSA Bowl

Fardin Islam, Victor Guo, Rong Tao Luo – Top 10, HOSA Bowl

Arthur Xu – 3rd Place, Knowledge Test – Growth and Development

Tina Wei – Top 10, Knowledge Test – Growth and Development

Evelyn Jiang – 3rd Place, Knowledge Test – Medical Law

Alex Shen – Top 10, Knowledge Test – Medical Law

Aiman Altaf – 2nd Place, Knowledge Test – Nutrition

Glenda Zhai – Top 10, Knowledge Test – Nutrition

Lauren Liu – Top 10, Knowledge Test – Nutrition

Bridget Huh- Top 10, Knowledge Test – Pharmacology

Amy Peng – 3rd Place, Top 10, Knowledge Test – Transcultural Healthcare

Marzan Hamid – Top 10, Knowledge Test – Transcultural Healthcare

Megan Li – Top 10, Knowledge Test – Transcultural Healthcare

Emily Lai – Top 10, Knowledge Test – Transcultural Healthcare

Janet Chen – Top 10, Medical Spelling

Sophie Yang – Top 10, Nursing Assisting

Ryan Chang – 1st Place, Researched Persuasive Public Speaking

Aimee Li – Top 10, Researched Persuasive Public Speaking

India Das-Brown – Top 10, Researched Persuasive Public Speaking

Josephine Davey-Young – 1st Place, Sports Medicine