Though Halloween this year lands on a weekend, this doesn’t stop MGCI from bringing on the spooky spirit! On Friday, October 29th – the last school day before the Halloween weekend, the Student Activities Council (SAC)held a Halloween treat decorating contest for MGCI students. 

The event was held after school in the cafeteria from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. In the beginning, students had 10 minutes to decorate their two cupcakes, prepared by SAC and the Culinary Club.  Students were given two chocolate cupcakes, orange and white icing, sprinkles and different coloured gels to decorate.  Then administrators had a decorating contest on the stage.They were given 7 minutes, and the winner was chosen collaboratively by a team of students from each grade. 

The judge of the student cupcake decorations was Principal Mr. Di Felice. Four students were selected as winners, and the winning students received candy bags. 

The staff’s cupcake decorations were judged by four students, and Ms. Chang won among the staff. 

When asked why the event was run, Lucy Qi, the President of SAC said, “Given the pandemic, school spirit has been quite low the past 2 years, so we thought Halloween would be the perfect time to spice things up and hype up the school spirit within MGCI.” 

Zahra Ahmed, the Sr. Social Spirit Covener and the organizer of the event said, “Getting approval to run this event definitely was very last minute. I’m glad the team was able to pull off such a fun event a couple days before Halloween! Big shout out to Culinary Club executives and Ms. Gunn who stayed late afternoons to prepare!” 

Many participants of the event also greatly enjoyed being a part of it, expressing anticipation for future in-school events. 

Maariya Karabhai and Aimen Waariach, two participants of the contest said, “It was amazing, we had a lot of fun. We definitely loved it, it was a great idea.” 

Zahra says, “The energy in the cafe was something we’ve all missed in the past two years! Spooky music was blasted on the speakers, Ms. Carrey brought in a huge inflatable pumpkin, and students were all laughing and talking pictures.” 

When asked about the success of the event, Lucy Qi says, “The event was a huge success! We had 10+ staff and administration and 100+ attendees at the baking competition. A huge shout out to the MGCI SAC team for baking literally 300 cupcakes the day before, and helping with all the logistics for this event.” 

When asked a similar question, Adeena Atif, a member of SAC, says, “There’s a lot of great designs, people really went out with their creativity!”