Student-teacher tug of wars, a Greek-themed spelling bee, topped off with a delicious luncheon. Marc Garneau’s annual, week-long celebration of everything Greek is hosted by the students and teacher advisors of Hellenic Club, and aims to showcase the uniqueness of this impressive Mediterranean country. This event also raises awareness and funds for various charities across Toronto. This week, I had an opportunity to talk to three students helping to lead the events.

What does Greek Week mean to you?
Ryan: Greek week is a week full of fun activities and events open to anyone in the school. It is focused on spreading Greek tradition and culture to the school in a fun and enjoyable way. The money raised from the event is always donated to a charitable cause.

It seems that not too many students know when Greek Week is happening. When are events typically held?
Ryan: For over the years, Greek week has traditionally been held every year in mid-May (May 21- 25). It is held during this time of the school year because it is both before exams and is the time of the year where the weather is most enjoyable.

Sounds good. So how did you become involved with Greek Week?
Faraz: I became involved last year at Greek week and have been a part of Hellenic club ever since.
Ryan: I heard through mouth-of-word, from a friend who was already in the Hellenic club. It’s a lot of fun.

What’s your favourite part of the festivities?
Ryan: My favorite day of Greek Week would definitely be Game Show Day, since both the teachers and students are involved and are in a way “bonding”. Also everyone participating and watching the event is in a good mood, which puts the school in high spirits for both the good weather and upcoming exams.
Faraz: The staff lunch. I love Greek food and love to be exposed to their culture.
Faizah: My favourite would have to be the Greek BBQ, which we unfortunately did not have this year.

Why should students join into the festivities? What makes participating in Greek Week worthwhile?
Faizah: It is a great, culturally-enriched club that does good things. We fundraise for charities that don’t always enjoy the media’s spotlight, and who truly do need the extra help. Also, you get to taste delicious treats and dishes from the Greece. !
Faraz: Students should get involved because there are a variety of activities that take place and a great chance to have some fun or try new things. Also, money that we raise from our club goes to charities. This year our club has donated to Matthew House (a refugee housing on Dundas West), and the money raised during Greek Week will be sent to Child Soldiers Initiative.

How would someone who’s interested become involved?
Ryan: If any students would like to be involved, they should come out to our meetings, or speak to a member of the club, or to Mr. Chrisopolous or Mr. Fradelos, they’d love to get your help. We need more help during Greek Week, so if you just talk to one of the teacher supervisors they’ll set you up with when and where to go help out.
Faizah: Join Hellenic Club! Tuesdays, after-school in room 221!
Faraz: Speak to a member of the club, and they’d love to get your help for our events. Also normally during Greek week we are looking for more help so if you just talk to one of the teacher supervisors they’ll set you up with when and where to go help out.

Thanks to Faizah Haleem, Ryan Lu, and Faraz Oman!