The Galleria bustled with people at lunch on 21 February 2019 for the SAC (Student Activity Council) Fiesta, an event similar to the Unhealthy Food Sale. SAC sold a large variety of foods,  including the popular Krispy Kreme donuts, cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon, pizza, freezies, popsicles, and soft drinks.

SAC members and SAC committee members sold pizza, among other treats, to students during the Sac Food Fiesta.
Image: Elmirah Ahmad

The SAC Fiesta was organized to help raise funds for various SAC Committees, who will use the funds to organize events this semester or to make more money available for clubs. This is different from the Unhealthy Food Sale, where all clubs have the opportunity to sell food to raise money for their own purposes. At the beginning of the school year, many clubs had wanted more money from SAC to run their clubs, but the SAC budget for clubs was set lower than last year. By having a food sale exclusively for SAC, they were able to make more profit without competition from the sales of other clubs. 

At the SAC Fiesta, there were four tables set up. The committees that sold food included the Prom, Social Justice, and Special Events Committees. The Special Events Committee, along with all the SAC members, helped with organizing the event.

The majority of the money raised from the food sales at the SAC Fiesta will be going towards the Prom Committee, as Prom is one of the most expensive events that happens during the school year.

SAC Clubs Convenor Jessica Guo, the mastermind behind the new event , said “We decided to call it SAC Fiesta instead of Unhealthy Food Sales to attract more people and make it more fun and enticing. I don’t want to keep on calling it the Unhealthy Food Sale because you have to keep on reminding everyone that it’s unhealthy food that they’re buying.”

Comparing the SAC Fiesta to the Unhealthy Food Sale, Jessica said that “there’s a lot less tables so it’s easier to sell your food. For example, the Prom Committee table is definitely selling more than they usually do at the Unhealthy Food Sales.”

Saesha Kukreja, a Grade 10 student who attended the sale, thought it was a great success, saying, “I really liked the variety of food and it’s great because a lot of students get to know more about the committees and enjoy the food as well! This time, it was a little less crowded than the last Unhealthy Food Sale, probably because there were less tables selling, but both times were really great!”

Because of the limited number of days left, the SAC Food Fiesta will not be happening for a second time this semester.Overall, many students enjoyed the fun spirit and the great variety of food sold at the SAC Fiesta, while being able to contribute funds to help SAC initiatives.