The Student Activity Council reintroduced the grade representative system for the 2019–2020 school year. On 4 November 2019, the Semester 1 Grade Representatives were sworn in at the first SAC Open Meeting of the year. Students were invited to attend the meeting through announcements and social media posts. There will be more opportunities for the student body to attend similar meetings later in the year. 

The meeting started with a land acknowledgement and a moment of silence for Firdous Nabizada, a Marc Garneau graduate who passed away on 2 November. Each SAC member then spoke about their role, their accomplishments since inauguration, and their plans for the rest of the year. Towards the end of the meeting, the four Grade Reps were sworn in.

The Grade Reps are an integral part of the communication pathway between SAC and the student body. Thus, there was a lengthy application process for SAC to ensure that they were getting qualified people for the position. The application package was made available on SAC’s social media on 1 October and closed on 9 October. Applicants had to include what they would bring to SAC and their grade, submit their resume, provide three student and teacher recommendations, and have an average of at least seventy-five. 


After the applicants were narrowed down based on their responses, a panel composed of various SAC members interviewed the representatives and took a blind vote to decide the final four grade representatives. The Grade Reps were announced to students on 30 October 2019.


The MGCI Grade Representatives for Semester 1 of 2019 are:

Grade 9: Lucy Qi

Grade 10: Larissa Long

Grade 11: Saesha Kukreja

Grade 12: Rabia Nasri


The four Grade Reps were asked to stand and repeat the Oath of Office. Among other things, the Oath of Office requires them to “achieve the highest degree of commitment to the Student Council and to maintain the spirit of [their] school.” Afterwards, they sat back down and discussed the ideas they hoped to implement this semester. 

The four Grade Reps taking the Oath of Office. Photo: Eric Zhao.

Grade 12 representative Rabia Nasri said, “I just want everyone in my grade to have more of a voice […] to have ideas, to create change in the school.” During the meeting, she also talked about trying to implement having a senior trip. 

Grade 11 representative Saesha Kukreja said that she conducted a survey and that many people wanted to have cleaner washrooms. She spoke about reviving a snack program as well. 

Lucy Qi, the Grade 9 representative, talked about enforcing a buddy system between Grade 9 and 12 students. When asked about how she feels about being selected to be a part of SAC, she said, “I look forward to working with the other members of SAC and implementing cool initiatives and projects for MGCI — enhancing the school spirit and atmosphere.”

Larissa Long, the Grade 10 representative, wanted to increase the engagement of the Grade 10 students within the school. When asked about why she joined, she said that she wanted to create a more positive connection between the student body and student council. 

SAC president Nelson Lee has a positive outlook on the coming year. He said, “The SAC Members this year are truly the best. They’ve started new initiatives within their already expansive portfolios, improved on traditional events, and acted with an aura of integrity and responsibility.”