It is not difficult to buy a domain, or to make a layout, or to ask for staff members, or to work with them. And yet somehow, The Reckoner this year became quite the full-time job. A job, but not a chore – it’s been a great year, and we’re excited to come back better than ever in September. Keep an eye out for us as we work to create a unified media source in the school, while remaining independent, uncensored, and student-run. Also, be sure to follow our Facebook page to be notified in late August when applications open. The new masthead will be announced at that time.

On another note, this June the students of Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute say goodbye to many staff members, whose dedication to the students over the years has been truly remarkable. The Reckoner sat down with four of these staff members to talk about their experiences. Click through to read what they had to say.

It’s been a pleasure, Marc Garneau. See you soon.