On 25 June 2018, Marc Garneau’s annual year-end athletic Banquet was held at Thorncliffe Banquet Centre, the same venue as for previous years. A total of one hundred and sixty-five people attended the Banquet to celebrate the success of MGCI’s dedicated sports teams. The event started at 12:00 pm and ended at 5:00 pm, with the doors closing at 12:30 pm. Prior to the event, tickets were sold for $10 to students that were part of a sports team and $35 to non-athletes.

Students attend the Athletic Banquet. Image: Laura Lu


The hosts, Ali Bokhari and Kashaf Amir, kicked off the awards ceremony at around 1:00 pm. This was followed by various coaches giving short speeches and handing out trophies to winners. The awards included Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, and Most Dedicated Player.

A student poses with his award. Image: Laura Lu


After the awards ceremony, lunch and dessert were served at 3:00 pm. Later, students danced to pop songs selected by a DJ. Other highlights of the afternoon included a montage of MGCI sports pictures, giving out five major awards, and announcing raffle winners, who received gift cards as prizes.

Overall, the event was enjoyable and was a fun experience for many of the athletes who attended. A Grade 9 student said, “I thought that it was really fun to get a chance to hang out with friends and see people win awards. The activities were well planned but I think that the food could have been organized better. The venue and the decorations were really pretty as well and it provided for a nice place to take pictures.”

The Reckoner would like to congratulate the following students for their athletic accomplishments:

Male Junior Athlete of the Year: Mohammed Sedu

Female Junior Athlete of the Year: Dora Su

Male Senior Athlete of the Year: Will Randall

Female Senior Athlete of the Year: Nicole Kouroupis

Chris Penny Leadership Award: Kashaf Amir

Colin Hood School Sport Award: Ali Bokhari