Garneau’s long-gone cougar mascot has, after some minor touchups, returned to an enthused student audience, just in time for the end of Spirit Week.

Have you seen Garneau’s mascot around recently? After disappearing for a couple of years, our beloved cougar has returned!

Monday saw an old-but-not-forgotten grinning face with a patch proudly announcing “Marc Garneau Athletics” in the cafeteria. The recently rediscovered furry caramel-coloured cat was touched up, and brought back to the public.

Soheil Koushan, Garneau’s student council president, pleasantly told The Reckoner “I think the return of the cougar is a huge deal. The symbol of our school spirit has gotten a much-needed renewal, both with the mascot and the new logo.” Spirit convener Vanessa Du agrees, “It’s great! Having a school mascot can really have a school come together.”

The cougar will add more spunk to our school life, and will definitely liven up the weary masses. Students will absolutely be seeing this recognizable friend around!