MGCI’s flag football intramural began on 24 September. Nine teams participated, with roughly eight people on each team. There were 3 junior teams, and 6 senior teams.

The intramural was run in the style of a tournament. Initially, all the teams played against each other. Each win gave a team a point, and the teams with the highest number of points proceed to the playoffs. From there, it was elimination until the last junior and senior team to remain became champions. Many spectators and other players came to cheer on their favourite team.


Students playing football in the back field. Photo: Shawana Munir

Students playing football in the back field. Photo: Shawana Munir

The football intramural ran at lunch. However, erratic and rainy weather, rematches, shortage of time, and lack of teacher supervision caused the games to be postponed several times. The intramural ended on 24 October.

Athletic Convener, Michelle Nyamekye, took a major role in organizing the football intramural, along with the help of Mr. Gallo and Mr. Savanetti.

When asked about how she felt about this year’s football intramural, Michelle said, “This year football intramural started off really well but ended poorly. Last year seemed to be more organized, mainly because Mr.Hillman was there to help run things.”

Team AFG Boss was the winning junior team, and the senior champions, Team Default.