Cardboard boxes were sent around to all homerooms in the school Friday morning. They had pieces of paper attached to them, with charts and lists of different types of food. These boxes were empty.

Meanwhile, according to FoodBanks Canada, the number of individuals assisted by food banks has increased by 41.8% since 2001 in Ontario. As well, in Ontario alone 395,000 people have beenĀ  assisted by food banks over the past year. These boxes can help. Garneau students are encouraged to bring non-perishable food products and place them in the boxes, as they will magically help feed people going to food banks everyday, thanks to the work of the Garneau Key Club.

Look for the boxes in your rooms to see some possibilities of items you can donate. There is even a prize; donors will get the heart-warming joy of being able to help men, women, and children in need of one of life’s purest necessities. And if that isn’t enough, the homeroom that donates the most food will win a pizza party. Hopefully, the boxes will soon be full.