The morning of 3 October 2013 saw hundreds of senior students flock to the MGCI library. It was here that, from 8:30 to 10:30 am, the students milled around, attempting to gather tools for their futures.

The number of universities and the wide variety of their programs ensured that there was something for everyone. For anyone looking to go into art or design, the Ontario College of Art and Design offered insight into their courses. For students wanting to pursue engineering, there were schools such as Ryerson University and the University of Toronto. Other areas of study, such as business, journalism, psychology, and medical sciences were featured by the present universities. Some universities, rather than specializing, prefer to offer a wide range of courses to attract a larger audience, as well as grow well-rounded individuals. Examples would include Queen’s University and Brock University.

“Anyone with any questions about their choices with their future should find this event very informative. The entire experience is very enriching,” said Benson Wan, a Grade 11 student with high hopes, trying to get a head start on everyone.

Garneau Students received many university handbooks during the fair. Photo: Khadija Aziz

Garneau students received many university handbooks during the fair.
Photo: Khadija Aziz

In addition to the schools mentioned above, MGCI hosted Carleton University, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Tyndale University College and Seminary, the University of Windsor, Wilfrid Laurier University, the University of Guelph, the University of Western Ontario, and York University.

The universities had stalls set up inside the library, and along the hall just outside of it. Close by the office, and being in full view of anyone entering through the main doors, the location was very visible and easily accessible for visitors.

“This fair is great,” said Rohit Das, a Grade 12 student, “Many students can have a hard time deciding what it is they want in their future, and this sort of thing can really help.”

This event also brings new responsibilities and deadlines for the Grade 12 students. Anyone looking to apply to universities of their choice should be mindful of the additional duties that come with it, such as organizing a portfolio, getting teacher recommendations, and everything else.

As for the rest of the school, look forward to an even more successful university fair next year as well as a college fair 17 October.