Photo: Cindy Cui

Amidst loud music and commentary, the long-anticipated Trashion Show began in the Garneau cafeteria on 21 April 2016. This event, hosted by MGCI’s EcoTeam, showcased the fashion made from recycled materials from  15 competitors. Only used and recycled materials were allowed to be presented on the stage. “How to Get Away with Trash”, “Classic Elegance”, and “Metallic Illusion” were the first, second, and third place winners respectively. Honourable mentions for originality and creativity were also handed out to Nafia Rahman, Paper Squad, and Flower Power.

EcoTeam members had arrived 20 minutes before the start of the lunch period to set up the stage, organize the designers and dress up the volunteer models. The event opened with a statement celebrating Earth Day, which will be on 22 April. Then, the models proceeded to walk and twirl across the stage, showing off the innovative designs. All models and designer were invited onto the stage together after the initial display, and the designs were individually presented again.

Onlooker Fariha Haleen thought that the designs were fantastic to see and the event was very hyped. The judges deliberated while the club presented facts against the use of disposable plastic water bottles. When the contestants were called up, the winners were given free-trade chocolate bars and all participants were given cookies.

There were a total of 15 competitors. Most of them had entered the Trashion Show as a part of an art assignment for Ms. Masemann’s or Mr. Jeffrey’s art classes. Namira Zahid, a designer from the second-place team, Metallic Illusion, said, “It’s very exciting to be able to demonstrate the use of recycled material.” Of the 15 submissions, two were not dresses. Team Freaks and Geeks put together a metallic suit and a crown, which were modelled by Hammad Shahod. Hammad described his experience as unique as he was literally wearing trash.

The Trashion Show is an annual event that began in 2015. Raluca Gondor, a member of the EcoTeam, said that the event was a great success. The only thing that could be improved is the organization of competitors and models. For this, she said that rehearsals would be helpful.