Another year is coming to an end, as is my term as Editor-in-Chief of the Sixth Guard. Nowadays, I often find myself reflecting on my time with The Reckoner.

Parnika Godkindhi, Editor-in-Chief of the Sixth Guard.

I have always believed that Garneau’s multiculturalism is its greatest gift. As such, the paper’s goal this year was to celebrate and emphasize this diversity. We promoted inclusivity and increased staff membership so that more students could have their voices heard. The introduction of the Coming to Canada column was near and dear to me—it gave me the opportunity to speak with inspirational students like Heba, and served as a reminder of why I joined The Reckoner in the first place: to share our school’s collective story.

Leading the paper has deepened my understanding of the MGCI school community, making me more appreciative of its idiosyncrasies and unique character. I have had the privilege to consider various pieces of its intricate cultural mosaic. And the more I have learned about this school, the more it has intrigued me; I have been driven to dig deeper and investigate further, to speak with students and hear what they have to say.

Of course, running a newspaper is no simple task. The frequent late nights and early mornings take their toll. Everyday administrative tasks fade into a dull routine. Editing becomes tiresome. If you’re not careful, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and get caught up in day-to-day trivialities. Fortunately, I had a solid, supportive network of individuals to keep me grounded and motivated. Truly, I owe this year’s successes to them:

To Ms. Speirs, for keeping up with the craziness,

To Ms. Ali, for our animated discussions about Disney and Harry Potter,

To Mr. Gilmore, for your patience and kind words,

To Ms. O’Flynn Wheeler, for your endless supply of smiles,

To Ms. Goldenberg, for your support and helpful criticism,

To my executive team, for staying up late with me and tolerating my quirks,

To the staff of the Sixth Guard, for trusting my leadership and always coming through,

And to you, the reader. I thank you for journeying with us this year, for reckoning with us, for inquiring about the world around us. Next year, I encourage you to continue showing enthusiasm and support for the paper. And if you appreciate independent thought, integrity, and originality, then please consider joining the Seventh Guard in September. The Reckoner needs more people like you to sustain its legacy of excellence.


Parnika Godkhindi