David Hao, Editor-in-Chief of the Fifth Guard

David Hao, Editor-in-Chief of the Fifth Guard

With my time as Editor-in-Chief nearing its end, I have come to think about what my role on this newspaper represents. Indeed, the day-to-day tasks of running The Reckoner no longer seem as glamourous to me as they did when I first looked up to the executives in Grade 9. Instead, I’ve developed a much keener appreciation for the subtleties of Marc Garneau. As editor, I’ve met and spoken to many different people, and over time the faces in the school have become familiar. It often feels surreal to be able to walk right through the office without anyone batting an eye, because they’ve all seen you there before and can trust your intentions. Through reporting on various events and considering school issues critically, little about Marc Garneau remains to surprise me.

Yet, I find that my experiences on The Reckoner still lead me to discover new things about the school. Everyone here has a story to tell. Read through any Teacher Feature, take a look at any Human of Garneau, and you’ll find that what you’re looking at is a small piece of our community identity. It is here where The Reckoner assumes its role: We take those small pieces and weave them into the mosaic of personalities that gives life to MGCI. If at any point this newspaper has helped you gain a greater appreciation for the people around you, then The Reckoner has served its purpose.

My greatest privilege as Editor-in-Chief has been the opportunity to meet and work with truly remarkable people. I need to look no further than my own staff to see raw talent and skill, but my perspective would hardly do the school justice if I stopped there. I imagine no better opportunity than now to identify and thank some of these exceptional individuals:

To Ms. Goldenberg: Your open-mindedness is a daily inspiration,
To Ms. O’Flynn-Wheeler: Your enthusiasm is unparalleled,
To Ms. Ali and Mr. Gilmore: Your assistance never goes unappreciated,
To Ms. Speirs: Your unwavering support gives us life,
To Ms. Brennan: Your instruction invigorated my perspective on writing,
To the Executive Team: A better dream team I know not of,
and to the Fifth Guard: You are the lifeblood of this newspaper. Here’s to you!

I am always humbled by the amount of enthusiasm that students show towards The Reckoner. And so in my final act as Editor-in-Chief, I challenge you, the reader, to bring our name to life. Reckon with us, think with us. It is our greatest gift to be able to consider the world around us. If you carry the spirit of inquiry, then the Sixth Guard has a spot for you.

The Reckoner will return in September. I am fully confident that it will continue to lead and inspire.

All the best,

David Hao