SAC Meeting

There will be a meeting at lunch today for all candidates running for SAC positions this year in Room 328. This is to inform you of the rules and expectations that apply during the election campaign, which begins on Monday, 30 April. You must attend. Bring your lunch with you.

Presentation on Children and Technology

Gateway P.S., Grenoble P.S., Thorncliffe Park P.S., Valley Park M.S., and Marc Garneau C.I. invite you to an evening presentation on Children Technology. The presentation will happen on 2 May at Marc Garneau C.I.

Money Collection

We realized on Wednesday that one of the women killed in last week’s van attack had worked at Marc Garneau in our kitchen servery this year. Her name was Renuka Amarasignha. She was a single mother from Sri Lanka with a seven-year-old son and no other family in Toronto. This brings the tragedy even closer to us. A crowdfunding collection has begun to collect money to support her 7-year-old son. If you wish to make a donation to a fund, you will have the opportunity to give your first-period teacher some money today and we will get it to the fund. If you are not here for the first period you can drop some money off at the office. This will be a one day opportunity to do it through the school. With close to two thousand people in this school, it should not be difficult for each of us to make a donation of at least one loonie.

Report Card Pickup

Report Card pickup is today in the cafeteria! Show your 2017-2018 student ID during your spare/study period to collect your report card.

Law Bursaries

Are you in Grade 12 and interested in pursuing a career in law either at the university or college level? If interested in receiving information about bursaries that are available to you, please speak to Ms. Woodley.

Bike Workshops

Interested in learning about bikes? Flat fixes? Navigating your way through the Don Valley? Come to any one of the bike workshops being hosted from Monday 30 April to Thursday 3 May in Room 116. Workshops will be held almost every period, so you can come during your spare! See flyers posted around Garneau for more details.