The holiday season is a time for celebration! On 15 December, the MGCI French Club held a Christmas party at lunch to celebrate the end of the school year. There were snacks and drinks available as members played games and watched short films in a French-filled environment.

Students eating at French Club’s Christmas Party. Photo: Alex Yu

French Club aims to give all students the opportunity to practice their French. Meetings are often very casual and relaxed, allowing members to enjoy lunch in a French-speaking environment. Members usually play board games or card games while trying to speak only French. Club executives help members by teaching them game rules and translating difficult words.

Before the French Club was created this year, a similar club, Cinema Francais, existed at MGCI. Cinema Francais showcased French movies during weekly lunch meetings, and like French Club, had a focus on improving students’ French skills. However, it proved very difficult to find movies to accommodate the short lunch periods, making it difficult for the club to continue running.

Grade 12 students Pablo Gonzalez, Bruce He, and James Robins newly established French Club this year. President Pablo Gonzalez, who was also a member of last year’s Cinema Francais, talked about what inspired him to recreate the French Club: “The idea came to me after I went on a full French immersion program for five weeks at the University of Moncton. The program is called Explore and is paid for by the government. I highly recommend it to everyone taking a French course in Grade 11 or 12.”

Also, when asked about what the future holds for French Club, Pablo said, “Since all the executives are in Grade 12, I fear this may be MGCI’s first and last French Club. However, if at the end the year a younger member would like to run this club, I would be more than happy to help.”

The recently held Christmas party seemed to be a step in the right direction as it was well received by club members. French Club member, Jennifer Liang, said,“The food was great and I really enjoyed the games we played. It would be nice if the club organized similar parties or we watched more movies during meetings.”

French Club is always looking for new members and everyone is encouraged to join regardless of skill level and whether or not they are currently taking a French course. Their staff advisor is Mr. MacKillop, a French teacher at MGCI, and meetings are held on Fridays at lunch in Room 205.