My life is just the same as yours,
I have five fingers on each hand,
But my feet leave footprints,
Everywhere they land.

I walk, and run, and dance, like you,
But faint footprints in dark gray,
appear where they’ll remain forever,
as I walk away.

The paths I take, these marks I make,
They are my legacy,
The earth is left forever scarred,
By the memory of me.

I try to lead a normal life,
But my footprints boldly say,
That I walk along the same roads,
As I did yesterday.

Footprints cover my bedroom floor,
And outline my route to school,
They scream that I am a caged bird,
They insist that I am a fool.

A fool who refuses to step off the trail,
Who is too frightened to explore,
Mindlessly retracing steps he has taken,
A million times before.

The footprints haunt my every step,
They fill me with dread and woe,
But I’ve yet to reach a dead end,
so onwards I must go.