Marc Garneau’s girls’ field hockey team enjoyed its first win of the season against Malvern Collegiate last Wednesday 25 September. The girls won 3-2, despite Malvern’s rally in the second half, with goals scored by Katrina Ha, Ella Plante, and Leslie Maiden. They then went on to win a game against Monarch Park on Monday 30 September, this time 2-1.

MGCI against Monarch Park.  Photo: Abigail Chau

MGCI against Monarch Park.
Photo: Abigail Chau

Field hockey is a developing sport for most high schools, which means that most players are new to the game when they join a team. The women’s sport is similar in nature to soccer, but is played with a hooked stick. It is at times tricky to follow because of its abundant fouls and extremely fast paced nature.

The team was forced to take a season off last year due to the teachers’ strike. But they have returned this year with a new coach, Ms. Bhandarkar, new sticks, and their old winning attitude. The field hockey season is a short one. The team only plays three more games in the next two weeks before qualifying for playoffs.¬†After a promising beginning they hope to reclaim their 2010 title of regional champs.