On 1 March 2017, MGCI’s EcoTeam held their second annual Eco-Movie Screening from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm in Room 227. The screening was organized to promote environmentalism to students in a fun and enjoyable way.

Students watched a movie in Room 227 on Wednesday after school. Photo: David Chen-Li

Around 15 students attended the event. Given the choices of The Lorax, Princess Mononoke, and Before the Flood, students voted to watch Princess Mononoke. Princess Mononoke is an anime set in Japan. Received well by the audience, the movie’s plot focuses on the fight between nature and a mining town. Audience member, Faizan Malik, said “It was a good movie. When I heard it [Princess Mononoke] was being shown, I was excited.” Leo Cai, another audience member, also said, “It was cool.”

Free refreshments, including chips, cookies, donuts, and juice were provided to audience members.

When asked for her thoughts on the event, Lisa Wang, EcoTeam’s co-president, said, “Other than a few technical difficulties, it [Movie Night] went smoothly. The general response was really positive towards the movie. Overall turnout could’ve been better though.” To combat this problem in future years, EcoTeam is considering holding the screening during lunch on two or three separate days to increase participation.