This past weekend Garneau sent about 20 representatives to Key Club’s Eastern Canada District Convention. The conference was an amazing experience filled with learning, lecturing, and dancing. Unable to attend myself, I asked around to get the scoop. Here are some glowing testimonials for your enjoyment:

“I went into London expecting a great learning experience, but I never expected to have so much fun and meet so many great people in the process. In hindsight, it’s actually so crazy how many things we did. One of the most enriching events in the three days was definitely the seminar on EliMiNaTe. EliMiNaTe is a global cause directed towards raising awareness for MNT in developing countries, and the presentation by Dr. John Button was absolutely incredible. (I even managed to have a three-minute chat with him afterwards, SCOREEEE)

 Despite having lots of fun learning about different causes, Convention wasn’t just about “the serious stuff.” In the two nights we were there, we had two dances – legit, I haven’t had so much fun in ages. Everyone mingled witheveryone. Everyone danced (even to the slow songs!). Everyone was singing along to “I’m Sexy and I Know It” (we were all dappered out, after all.) My friends and I danced the night away with the all around great guys from Upper Canada College to some wonderful ladies from Michigan. How often is it that you get to gather, learn, meet, dance, and have so much fun with so many different people at the same time? (The correct answer is not often) DCON 2012 was an absolute blast…can’t wait ’til Ottawa next year!” – Michelle Yeung

“At convention, we were able to meet so many amazing people from all over eastern Canada. In fact, we even helped a girl from PEI jaywalk across a street, because like she said, ‘this is scary! I’m from PEI…I’ve never done this on such a busy street!’ ” – Abigail Chau

“It was a blast! I learnt a lot about how key club actually works, because even though I’ve been a member since the beginning of the year, I never really knew how much work people did behind the scenes and stuff… We also had fun partying haahaha. Overall, it was such an amazing experience, and you truly realize how great of an effect key club has on people.” – Joyce Cheng

“I felt like convention was a really great opportunity to make friends, particularly because I was running for a board position. I was introduced to a lot of people on the board from across eastern Canada. We helped them do some work, which helped us to bond. Overall, I think taking the initiative to run for a district board position really makes a difference in how you see convention.” – Kerui Yao

“DCon 65 was completely amazing. Despite some scheduling errors, a little hearing loss, and no sleep what so ever; I’m still psyched for DCon 66!” – Sabrina Bertsch

“The food was amazing.” – Willie Zhou

It’s safe to say that the convention was a success and even safer to say that Garneau really brought home the bacon.  With the largest club of 40 in attendance our list of wins includes Kerui Yao as District Secretary and Fahmi Rahman as Webmaster; our own President Jacqueline Sue took gold in a video contest and Jason Sinn‘s poster pulled silver. Congratulations to all – Garneau represent!